There are many cannabis clubs in this city. But none of them like G13 Cannabis Club. We have the hole package: a create location, entertainment for all tastes, varied menu and prepared, friendly staff.

When you look for a cannabis club you want a place that makes things easy for you. Fast, professional attention with a menu that exceeds your expectations, quality entertainment and enoughs toys to play with. That’s what we have at G13 Cannabis Club.

We have everything to make your visit worry free. Paper, filters, grinder, bongs, vaporizers and a bar with teas, infusions, coffee, cakes, sodas and more. We want you to hang out, to become a member of the community and really enjoy the time you spend with us.


Very Good Place

Well acclimated with music. It has a strap on the inside that allows people not to crowd the counter. There are sofas, cushion sofas, some stools, a diana to play darts, billiards, soft drinks, video game console, rooms very well cooled and ventilated.

 Very interesting people

Such a chill place to go to, can’t imagine not coming here the first time I visited Barcelona. Amazing strains and great selection of extractions.

Excellent facilities

For an afternoon of good smoke. It has a unique design, quite handsome. Multicultural staff, very good service and very nice partners.

Awesome Music

Such a chill place, I came here couple of times and every time they have new thing to impress me. Very good choice of music and crazy amount of strains. They don’t dissapoint.

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